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Specifically, you must absolutely visit is the Basilica Saint Pierre in the Vatican, it is the Church where the pope lives. Be prepared to climb the stairs of the basilica to reach the dome painting by Michelange steps if you take the lift or without the elevator. In Florence, which is a cradle of art , you will see the most breath-taking masterpieces of the Renaissance age. The capital of Tuscany was marked with the Medicis , an influent sponsoring family from the Renaissance.

The Palazzo Pitti, which was their home, is today an important museum. This covered alley above the Arno river has become the most famous landmark of Florence. As for the Duomo , it overlooks the capital by its impressive structure. Florence is definitely one of the best places to visit in Italy. Gathering islands , Venice is really not an ordinary place. You will like walking around the streets of the Italian city of love and visit the Palazzo Ducale and the Piazza San Marco.

Walk along the shops of the Ponte di Rialto , take pictures of the Ponte dei Sosperi and visit the city on a gondola. Do not miss the Island of Burano , a former fishing village famous for its colored houses. Fishermen are said to have painted their houses to identify their homes in the event of fog. The island is also known for its lace and glass blowing workshops. For the Carnaval in February, Venetians wear masks and costumes. To attend the event, prepare your trip ahead of time.

As a city of fashion , fashion weeks are organized every year at Milano. It is really the ideal place for shopping addicts. So jump on the occasion and visit the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Put yourself in the shoes of an opera singer at the Scala Opera House , and then go admire the Duomo of Milano , one of the most impressive gothic style churches. Naples is also full of history and treasures. In fact, before the unification , Italy was separated by regions with their own Kings. In the Museo Archeologico Nazionale , learn more about art and history of Vesuvian towns such as Herculaneum and Pompeii , destroyed by the eruption of the Vesuvius.

Immerse yourself in the antique life and discover the baths, the gymnasiums and the amphitheaters of the time. After a rich afternoon in Pompeii, be sure to go see the Vesuvius , the volcano which destroyed Pompei.

The long climbing is worthwhile. Going to London on an Excursion from Paris with Eurostar. Do you enjoy shopping in Paris, one of the biggest fashion capital in the world? Perhaps you are fan of luxury products but have a limited budget, then you need to take a look of this article about outlet shopping in Paris. This is a great place for outlet shopping in Paris under a relatively reasonable budget.

The concept is simple: In fact, all the shops there sell their collections of the previous year. So, it is true that you may not always find your size of clothes, shoes. In this case, be patient and visit another shop, I am sure that you will find some wonderful goods. After your arrival, you can go to the welcome office to get a map of the Vallée Village. Hence i twill be easier for you to know the locations of the shops in which you are interested. We suggest you spending no more than a morning or an afternoon in the village because it is not so big.

Moreover, there are not many choices for meals on account of the number of restaurants in the Vallée Village. In fact, technically there are just one French high-class fast food restaurant, Prêt-à-manger and a Starbucks. Since the items cost already much lower than other places, these coupons offer you an additional reduction. In order to get that VIP card, you can contact a travel agency for more information.

To welcome visitors, La Vallée Village offers transport service. How to get there: It has been open since December 4, It is not far from Versailles , so if you are visiting Versailles and looking for an idea of outlet shopping in Paris, One Nation can be a nice choice. You can even book a Versailles packages on their website, which allows the entrance of Versailles Castle and the transport to One Nation shopping center. There are two floors in the center: It is important to note that there is actually no restaurant in the One Nation shopping center.

However, there are some coffee shops such as Starbucks. Notre sélection des vacances de luxe européennes. Tips for Planning the Perfect Paris Vacation.

Paris is filled with plenty of interesting and different ways to get to know the city better. And if you are one of those adrenaline junky, these tours will spur you! Here is a list of unique ways on how to spice up your time in Paris.

ParisByM has created a list of 6 unusual ways to tour Paris. Sure you can just walk around Paris to tour, but it would be twice as fun to tour in a segway. Segways tours can be found in almost any major city and can be a little costly but the experience is worth it. This is a fun moment to spend with friends while learning about interesting facts about Paris. Helicopter Tour For those who love heights, a helicopter tour is your best bet.

Imagine touring Paris from a different perspective. This way you will gain a deeper concept of the city of Paris. It is more costly but it is definitely a great experience considering the type of experience you will gain. There are plenty of cruises where you can dine, drink or tour in the seine, but you can also rent your private boat and spend it with a group of your friends alone.

This way you can have fun with a little more freedom. Stir the boat to the direction you please or let the river take you anywhere. Find creative ways to take pictures and with the monuments of choice. Hot Air Balloon is another way to tour Paris in an exciting way.

For those who love heights , this is another great way to explore Paris. Typically hot air balloons are very expensive, luckily there is one company in the 15th arrondissement , called Ball Generali , where prices are as low as 12 euros for adults and 6 euros for children below 11 years old. Take it back in time when horses and horse carriages were the means of transportation. This way you will be able to understand Paris better and experience a different perspective of Paris.

This tour is a very relaxed and romantic tour that can be spent with your lover or with a small group of friends. For this activity, you would most likely have to book beforehand on the time and location you would like your horse carriage. For additional costs, you can also request champagne or longer time. Take some time alone with your loved one and run away on a motorcycle tour alone. You can rent motorcycles for a good price in Paris and tour around yourself.

Get lost in many of the hidden roads and eventually learn how to get around in Paris. There are plenty of different companies that rent out motorcycles at a competitive price. Depending on the time and type of motorcycle, you can find great prices. Enjoy a City View on a Rooftop in Paris. Considered as one of the biggest fashion capital in the world, Paris is now the city where no shopping-lovers can ignore. This article aims to give you a global idea about shopping in Paris.

Speaking of shopping in Paris, we should definitely talk about the Boulevard Haussmann. There may be the most famous shopping malls in Paris: Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. Printemps Haussmann is a department store founded in Because of a big fire, the store has rebuilt its interior in the s. It was the first department store to create this kind of display. Every year during the Christmas season, Printemps collaborates with famous artists to fulfill its window displays.

As for Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann , it is an upmarket department store which was opened since and moved to Boulevard Haussmann in You can not only find haute couture here but also ready-to-wear collections at reasonable prices. Furthermore, Galeries Lafayette is one of the most popular tourist spots for shopping in Paris because of its fabulous dome.

When you step in the mall, you should absolutely raise your head and take a look at the dome. Since the Moyen-Âge until the 18 th century, a lot of French nobles built their mansions in the Marais district. Châtelet-Les Halles, the quarter around the Pompidou Center , is definitely going to seduce you. As the biggest transfer station in Paris, Châtelet-Les Halles welcomes large amounts of people, which offers favorable circumstances to business activities.

You can access the Halles Forum when you walk down the metro in just some minutes. It is an underground shopping center with 5 levels that was rebuilt from to Personally, I really like this place because I can find nearly everything I need: If you go to the Champs-Elysées and find it a little unoriginal, then you should walk just a short distance to the Avenue Montaigne or Avenue George V. One thing is sure: Last and definitely not least, on our list of the best shopping streets are Boulevards Saint Michel and Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

If Galeries Lafayette is for the tourists, then perhaps Saint-Germain-des-Prés is the favorite shopping area of Parisians. Both boulevards have numerous and attractive shops. This is the area of Sorbonne University, which will explain the numerous amount of bars, cafes, bookstores and the young and relaxing atmosphere. The Bon Marché is also in this quarter. French food is no doubt one of the most renowned, especially the gastronomy. But you also have popular traditional French food.

So today, ParisByM proposes you a list so you can try to cook French food, by yourself or with a chief.

For those who do not cook at all, this selection will help you choose your dishes in a French restaurant. So here is the list of the 8 most tasty traditional French food you have to try once in your lifetime.

A traditional French food to not miss out. Burgundy Beef is, as its name says, a dish from Burgundy. It was, at the beginning, a dish served for special days. The beef is cooked up with onions, carrots, bouquet garni and, most importantly, the main ingredient which is of course the wine of Burgundy. If today it is served with potatoes and pastas, it was at first eaten with garlic toasted bread. The rooster, a French emblematic animal, can also be found in the plates.

This local dish is an alternative of the Burgundy beef, so it is as well made with red wine. After a few hours simmering with all these ingredients, the rooster will be ready to be eaten. And lastly, be careful to not get drunk by eating too much rooster in wine! The fire pot is a traditional dish from the 13th century. The meat is boiled for a long time with vegetables potatoes, carrots, onions and pears and aromatic herbs, to make a broth.

The recipe is flexible, you can replace the beef with any kind of meat you want, from chicken to lamb. It is often eaten with baguette , the traditional Parisian pain bread. Ideal for the carnivores , it is one of the easiest French dish to cook. After seasoning the raw meat , we add some capers, and onions. An egg yolk is often put on top. A French typical salted tart.

This Lorraine pie can be served warm or cold. A traditional French dish made with potatoes, onions, lardons and Reblochon cheese , a famous French cheese from Savoy. The must is when it is baked and gratined. Among the surprising traditional French food, is included the Escargot, which is cooked snails. Commonly savored for festive meals, such as Christmas Eve, this traditional French dishes comes from the Burgundy region.

The snails are cooked with some parsley garlic butter sauce. The Hachis Parmentier is a French main dishes made with mashed potatoes and minced beef. It was named after Antoine Parmentier , a French nutricionist who popularized the potato, by proving to people that it was not dangerous for health, but, on the contrary, able to solve the famine.

A Breton specialty that is similar of America pancakes, but thinner. In fact, it is a grouping of shops, often of luxury brands, organized like a village and often the traditional architecture of the area of implantation.

The creation of the concept is for brands to find a way organizing sales of goods all the year almost as the same way as sales. This kind of shopping village provides products of great brands at attractive prices.

In order to give visitors a real impression of strolling, the architecture claims to be better quality than that of factory shop. This is a great place for shopping under a relatively reasonable budget. Hence it will be easier for you to know the locations of the shops in which you are interested. Shopping in Paris — La Vallée Village. Want to take a relaxing break? Normandy Beaches Tour is the vacation for you. Indeed, plenty of gorgeous landscapes sculpted by nature are inspired by this location.

Whether to do a touristic tour or an unusual getaway its all up to you! To have advice for a Normandy Battle Tour, you can read this article here. Walking along the streets and feel the French charm of the city that inspired many impressionists. A city full of flowers , it conveys a cozy and warming feelin g. On the beach, all kinds of activities are proposed: Gliding, kite, surfing, paddle, hiking.

In the summer, there are also organized sand castles contests. All the keys for a relaxing weekend! For a romantic trip between lovers, Cabourg is the perfect place! This is a popular location for filmmaking La Boum, Intouchables…. Each year a romantic film festival is organized. He described it in his book In Search of the Lost Time. Deauville is a seaside resort , well known for its leisure port and casinos. Parisians, especially, used to come here due to its proximity. Along the white sand beach, you will find the symbolic multicolored beach umbrellas and the mythical boards.

The 3 kilometers of beach was as well used by many artists as inspirations. For those who love horseback riding , you have 2 hippodromes and a training center at Deauville. Across the river, you will find the twin city, Trouville. The city is quieter than Deauville, which is a more luxurious place to go. It is as well the hometown of the impressionist painter Monet.

Come enjoy the sunset on the pebble beach of Etretat! Former fishing village, and as well seaside resort in the XIX th century, many painters and writers, inspired by the city, took part in its blooming.

Boudin, Maupassant or Flaubert, to name just a few of the biggest ones. This outstanding site with a natural treasure took a part in WWII. The halls were transformed into a military hospital.

The city is famous for its cliffs covered by limestone white chalk , which gives its white color. Pay attention to the human hole so you wont fall in! For the people who dream to be connected with nature, Tahitou is made for you! This small island is a heaven on earth , ideal for recharging your batteries. Tahitou can be reached by boat or by foot as well, for the most courageous, when the beach is at low tide. On the island, an ornithological reserve can be found.

What are the main tourist attractions in Normandy? So here is a list of French festivals worth visiting before you kick the bucket. The Eurockéenes is an annual three-day rock festival in the peninsula of the Lac du Malsaucy, 10 km from Belfort. Yearly, it assembles about one thousand people who stand together against sexually transmitted diseases. This four-day festival, takes place in a commune in the Finistère department in Northwest France.

Le F estival des Vieilles Charues welcoms each year artists from different horizons. So if you like multiculturality and different music styles , this is the place to be. Rock en Seine is the biggest rock festival in the Region Île de France.

It yearly takes place in the parc de Saint Cloud, outside the gates of Paris. You can miss all Heavy Metal meetings but if you miss this one, you are definitely down. If Heavy Metal is too soft or too hard for you, you should know that, this festival has 4 stages dedicated to a particular style like death metal, hardcore punk, doome methal, black metal etc.

Electrobeach is the biggest electro festival in France. Les Francofolies is the biggest French-speaking festival in the world. Théâtre in Paris, a true Parisian experience. What you do or do not visit is of course a personal choice, but we want to help you on your way. What should you definitely visit and what can you easily skip?

A weekend is actually not enough to explore the French capital but you can also do a lot on a weekend. You will then have to limit yourself to the absolute highlights. In this article we will sum up the best places you should visit and during a weekend in the City of Light.

Is there a monument in the world that is more famous and iconic than the Eiffel tower? It is almost impossible to visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. This immense iron monument, a real architectural and technical challenge, is nowadays a symbol of Paris and France for tourists from all over the world. The pride of the Parisians has quickly become the most visited monument in the world. The tower is metres high, when it was built at the end of the 19th century, it was twice as high as the highest building of the time, the Washington Monument in the United States.

The Sacré Coeur is located in the 18th arrondissement in Paris on the hill of Montmartre nobody can miss out on this bright white eye-catching church. This is not just a church but a basilica. This beautiful basilica is definitely not to be missed in your city trip Paris.

Standing at the front of the basilica, you can look far beyond the city. In front of the Sacré Coeur is a large staircase of steps. It is a challenge to climb it and get to the basilica. But if you find this too heavy, you can also come up with the cable car. This cable car is called the Funiculaire de Montemarte. Who does not know the story of the whistleblower of the Notre-Dame?

If you visit Paris, it is also worth visiting this Gothic masterpiece. Situated in the heart of Paris, this church is one of the top 10 sights of Paris. The Notre-Dame is a very striking Cathedral. It is metres long, 48 metres wide and 35 metres high. The two unfinished towers have a height of 69 metres. Enjoy stunning views and climb the stairs of these towers. A visit to Paris is not complete without having seen the Louvre museum.

This is the largest museum in the world and according to many people the most beautiful. The museum itself is already a separate attraction. It used to be the largest palace in the world and of course you also want to see the Mona lisa and the Venus of Milo and , other works of art. Even though your program is packed, try to do it quietly during your weekend in Paris. The Luxembourg garden is an ideal place to relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and watch the people around you.

The Luxembourg garden is a park of about 25 hectares. This is one of the most popular among both Parisian residents and tourists. During the weekend you will find many couples and families with children in this park and during the week you will find many students here.

There are separate chairs everywhere in the park, which you can put on the desired spot in the park. The Luxembourg garden also has an open-air café, a music tent, tennis courts and a puppet theatre.

The city of Paris also includes the famous monuments. The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. This is also the most famous triumphal arch of the world. The Champs- Élysées is known as the street through which everyone wants to walk. What in English means: The name is from Greek mythology. Elyzee were fields, these were considered to be a happy residence. What to See, What to Do? You would like to discover Paris in an alternative way without queuing up to get to touristic attraction everyone has already seen?

Or do you just want to do uncommon things other than touristic activities? There are many others, which make Paris worth visiting. Now, it is so successful that even families with small children are queuing up to get to the Catacombs. If you are planning group-visits, I suggest you reserving 8 weeks in advance.

Paris is the Place where the creators of prestigious Perfumes are based while Grasse is the centre of the Perfume industry. For le Musée du Parfum Fragonard , the entry is free. For the reason that, this museum will awake your taste buds and make you dive into the tasty world of Chocolate.

The haunted mansion of Paris lemanoirdeparis. In fact, it is a real emotional thrill ride and the only place in Paris where you can strain your nerves. Maybe you could be the next owner. Sure, there are many other unusual things to do in Paris but this list may help you having a quick overview of things you might enjoy doing.

ParisByM is a start-up in the tourism industry specializing on receiving tourists in Paris. The type of clients is as follows: Weekly manage leads to qualify their needs and find the correct offer from ParisByM Prepare tailor made trip packages based on client requests Meet customers to make sure everything is in order Get client reviews and feedbacks. Ability to adapt quickly to evolve in a small business environment on a variety of subjects Proactivity and creativity to think out of the box Ability to adapt a start up environment.

ParisByM is a local company, operating from Paris and dedicated to plan all inclusive packages for tourists who want to schedule holidays in Paris and France. We consider ourselves as a start up as we are permanently looking for new ways to improve the services we provide to our customers. All employees at ParisByM, from the CEO to the interns take part in weekly brainstorming sessions, customer interviews and weekly operations. ParisByM offers custom packages based on your time, budget and interests.

Simply call or inquire today. If you are looking for an elegant place, Hotel Raphael is the place for you. This hotel is located in the 16th arrondissement with a rooftop panoramic terrace that views the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph and is the leading hotels of the world chain. Bedrooms come with minibars, bathtubs and separate showers, slippers, and bathrobes. You will have access to a fitness area, steam room, and a sauna. Meeting and conference rooms available upon request.

For a classic and contemporary style hotel, Hotel Montalembert is the place. This hotel is located on the left bank of Paris by the Saint Germain des Prés district.

Hotel Montalembert includes a restaurant that offers dishes for tasting or gourmet. In the spring, the hotel opens their terrace with an intimate and luxurious atmosphere. They also offer massage service for those looking for relaxation. You can find this offer in the deluxe room, junior suite, and suite. While all rooms come with the offer of a beauty service that includes manicure, pedicure, hairdressing and facial care. They also offer limousine services for all trips.

Maison Albar is a fairly new 5-star hotel that opened at the end of at the Les Halles district in the 1st Arrondissement and is walking distance from the Louvre Museum. The hotel is modern style with advance technological uses such as the Japanese toilets and the iPad control system to control the TV, temperature, and lighting, as well as international power sockets.

They offer shoe polish service, dry cleaning and the option for connecting rooms. Their restaurant, called Odette Restaurant , offers simple and contemporary menus that change based market products to create a typical Parisian experience.

Their dishes originally designed by their Executive Chef Richard Robe who has created the highest standards dishes with rich and exquisite flavors. The Eiffel Tower is beautiful but do you really want to stand in the pouring rain and lashing wind while on a walking tour or stand at the top of the Arc de Triomphe, freezing and unable to see anything?

The first on our list of rainy-day activities in Paris is something a bit different and potentially slightly unnerving. The Catacombs in Paris were created when they ran out of space for the living, so they had to relocate the dead.

As you wander along the endless underground passages, previously used as stone mines, you will learn a bit about the history while being surrounded by the remains of more than six million people. Perfectly sheltered , deep underground the city, this is an interesting activity which will keep you safe from the rain showers in the world above you. When the rain starts to pour, these two museums are obvious escapes from the miserable weather.

If you wish for something a bit more structured and informative, why not organize a private guided tour around one of the museums? ParisByM will be more than happy to help facilitate this rainy-day activity. Of course, when the rain pours down, a good choice of activity in Paris is to visit some of the best shopping locations in the city. To begin Galeries Lafayette and Le Bon Marché can easily take up a good part of your day, as you can wander around them for hours, admiring the beautiful items on sale.

There are cafes within and around both and the ambiance and experience in itself is enough to tempt you in from the rain. Where better to shelter from the rain than in one of our most famous tearooms: It intertwines the art of great coffee and delicious food with that of photography.

This provides a perfect hangout on a rainy-day in the city. Created in the 18th and 19th century, les passages couverts covered passageways were created around the area of the Les Grands Boulevard in Paris.

Since then they have provided a delightful selection of boutiques, cafes and, most importantly, a shelter from the rain. Like an old-fashioned shopping mall , these passageways provide an enchanting alternative to the high-street shops you are used to. One almost feels like they have stepped back in time. Passage des Panoramas is well-loved and Galerie Vivienne is extremely pretty and has a lovely café.

A perfect hideout for a rainy-day in Paris. As you can see, there are many things to do in Paris when you are seeking shelter from the rain. The final suggestion we have is that you grab an umbrella and explore the city because Paris is still beautiful, even in the rain. Furthermore, ParisByM is here to help you organize your time in Paris, to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

We can organize your tickets for any exhibition or museum you wish to visit, arrange guided tours and restaurant recommendations and provide endless services and customer care while you are here. The options are infinite. Please visit our website to check out our package and tailor-made holiday options. Traditionally, pancakes, waffles or beignets are eaten in the carnival. Carnival festivals and parades are also organised in a number of cities that last for several days.

France has a lot to offer to the international carnival celebrations, here are the best places in the country to celebrate. The Carnival of Dunkirk is one of the most famous in France. At the height of the carnival, thousands of people flow through the streets of the city to get out of the sphere on the tones of traditional songs.

The giants also take part in the carnival parade. Everyone knows the carnival of Venice or Rio, but did you know that the Carnival of Nice is also quite the spectacle to behold?

Two weeks of celebration and parades with floats. The Carnival of Nice attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators and party celebrants.

The program is extensive and varied: The first evening procession consists of a parade of costume-clad beings and decorated trolleys, making their way through the city. Annecy owes its reputation as the Venice of the Alps not only to its canals, waterways, and watercourses but also to its Venetian carnival, which is very popular in the region.

Every year, hundreds of masked carnival celebrants travel through the streets of ancient Annecy to admire their colourful, baroque extravagance. This Italian-feeling carnival is one of extreme beauty that shall be enjoyed by both young and old, who can admire the amazing craftsmanship of the costumes and masks.

With more than visitors each year, the Carnival of Granville is one of the largest in western France. This popular event has been going on for more than a century and originated with the cod fishermen, who celebrated before they left at sea. Go forth and enjoy some of the great carnivals that France has to offer!

Wine Tasting is more than only drinking wine, it is a real experience that allows you to learn about wines. How to differentiate them? What does an appellation means? How to properly taste wine like a professional? And many other things on wine vocabulary. We see, scent, taste and evaluate the wine quality. The main goal of a wine tasting is to know how to talk about the wine after tasting it.

Here is our guide to help you for a Loire Valley wine tasting. Curious or wine expert, come and taste the wines produced in the region of the Loire Valley.

The region is the 3rd biggest wine region of France, making it worth tasting. There are countless vineyards in Loire Valley mostly thanks to the temperate climate , which is ideal for grapes production. Lastly, this region has a great diversity of wines: That is one of the main reasons why you should do a Loire Valley wine tasting. You will find at Vouvray mostly white wines and red wines at Chinon. This cellar does not produce and sell its own wines but those of many domains.

This allows them to offers a general view of the wines of the region. In addition to the affordable price of the wine tasting, they also speak English, which is better for the understanding.

Individual or group tasting, young or old wines, or even according to a theme, choose the type of wine tasting that suits the best to your desires. For more information on the Duhard wine cellar, here is an article. This wine cellar is located in Chinon , where are produced the some of the best wines of the region. It is a must to visit to get a global idea on the wines of the region. The friendly boss gives good piece of advice , in English as well.

He has a broad range of organic quality products. Enjoy the local wines proposed and the delicatessen and refined cheese served with. They speak in English. You must also know that in summer season, the selection of wines is wider than the rest of the year. The Boisard produces in their 13 hectares of fields, wines with the appellation Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. What is special about this domain is their production process that takes into account the respect of the ecosystem.

Their vineyards are cultivated in harmony with nature to produce organic wines , that means no chemicals, pesticides or insecticides, but natural and ecological systems to protect the vines against pests or any potential diseases. The staff is welcoming and passionate about their job. They explain well, whether it is in English or German.

Seing the vines is also an interesting plus. Which chateau de France you should visit. A lot of impressive castles from the Renaissance are scattered throughout the region. From the famous castle of Amboise to the outstanding castle of Azay-le-Rideau , this region is really filled with history.

If you are interested, you can take part in a wine tasting proposed by wine cellar. The manor house offers an exceptional environment to their clients. The spacious room are designed with the French touch of the Renaissance time. Really well located , the hotel is at only 5 minutes of the château of Amboise and 15 minutes of the Clos-Lucé!

I advise you to ask a room with a view of the Amboise castle. Warm and customer-friendly service , you will find everything you need for your comfort. Its history gives him a unique charm you will not resist to. The traditional design with a modern touch is really pleasant. You can enjoy the sauna, the swimming pool and a breakfast at the terrace full of rose bushes. A bar-restaurant is available if you are a bit hungry.

Former postal relay , this charming hotel has a cosy setting where you can rest. Behind its luxuriant exterior , can be found a heated swimming pool and Scandinavian baths. The 1-star restaurant offers in its menu, tasty and original dishes. Very well-located , the hotel is at 2 min only of the Castle of Chenonceau and 30 km from the zoo of Beauval.

With its comfy bedrooms and its classical design , the hotel conveys a relaxing atmosphere. The secret weapon of this hotel is its flowery garden where it is nice to walk around in summer. With a restaurant and a swimming pool at your disposal and a perfect service, this hotel is really a good value for money.

In you search a comfy place where to stay in the Loire Valley, come to the hotel of the Relais des Trois Chateaux. At first a postal relay , it was transformed in hotel-restaurant in Since, the hotel kept its special identity while modernizing itself.

The spacious rooms, the helpful staff , everything is here to make you feel at ease. The little extra is the fireplace where you can have a café or an appetizer. Near the castles of Chambord, Cheverny and Amboise, this hotel-restaurant is an ideal location where to stay in Loire Valley to see the most worth visiting castles. A simple and cosy hotel-restaurant perfect for families: Rooms for 4 available. The restaurant offers local specialities.

The staff is very welcoming and attentive to our requests. Spend a night in an exceptional place: The castle of Rochecotte with its majestic French style gardens and Italian patio has a both classical and baroque design.

The hotel by its special assets, represents the French grace. This authentic place is at min from the magnificent castle of Azay le Rideau , renoved recently, and the castle of Ussé , so beautiful that it has inspired Charles Perrault for the Sleeping Beauty tale.

Situated in the south-east of France, French Riviera attracts more than 10 million tourists each year.

The second leading tourist destination in France benefits from days of sunshine per year and kilometers of coastline and beaches. However, different from the Parisian region where the monuments are generally centralized, French Riviera is a tourist attraction more dispersed which is consisted of several cities and towns.

Considered as the home and the heart of French Riviera, is an unmissable destination. Then get a walk on the place Massena and take a break on the Coulée Verte. The flower market in the old city is also worth a visit, a famous colorful place surrounded by typical buildings.

All in all, you will find why Nice is the first destination in French Riviera by discovering the huge amount of attractions.

Moncaco possesses a special status which makes it become the second smallest country in the world — it is an officially independent city-state. In Monaco, you will be able to visit the old town, the palace, the cathedral and the garden over looking the sea.

By night, there is also an amazing light show in the city of Monaco. When we talk about Cannes, the first thing that really comes to mind is Cannes Film Festival. So, you can come to Cannes and make your dream come true! Visit the film festival palace and walk on the famous red carpet to fell like a star, this must be the first thing that would you like to do in Cannes.

But alongside, it is also fascinating to walk along the famous Promenade de la Croisette with the coastal view and the most famous hotels accommodating the celebrities.

Not far from the city of Nice, you can pass through the middle corniche road to discover this amazing perched, medieval village at more than meters above sea level. You can also enjoy a free visit of the Galimard perfume factory. Antibes is a resort between Nice and Cannes, the city is famous for having the largest marina in Europe and Mediterranean, and the third largest marina in the world. The city was once occupied by the Celto-Ligurians, the Greeks established a trading post here in the 11 th century.

Its fortifications were ordered by Vauban. What is inescapable in this city is the Musée Picasso, with Picasso art collection on display in the chateau museum where he lived and worked by You can start to experience the special St Trop life style with a drink or cake at Seneauier Bar, where is a favourite meeting place for celebrities.

The best moment to visit French Riviera is no doubt in summer, on the other hand, the inappropriate moment to visit is in winter. Excerpt Nice, which is relatively populated city in French Riviera and you can still see habitants in winter, other cities are inaminate in winter.

June, the 6 th. Day of the invasion of Normandy. Back on the track of a broken past. In fact, the battle of Normandy was a decisive turn for peace in Europe.

But you can skip some steps. For Normandy Battle Tours, you can rent a car. But I recommend you contact a tourism agency or to book a tour with a guide since organizing this tour will be pretty difficult, especially if you do not know French roads well.

As for public transportation, it is limited and not advised. It covers the contemporary history from Sarajevo to the fall of the Berlin wall. At Juno Beach, which was affected to the Canadian army , was held a bloody battle. The low tide and the lack of visibility, led to a late arrival of the army, enabling the opposing army to organize itself.

Thus, Canadians suffered heavy losses. The Center Juno Beach is the only Canadian museum. Actually, there were 2 harbors but the one on Omaha beach was destroyed by the storm. The floating port was decisive for the liberation of France, especially for the offensive of Montgomery at Caen. Located on the middle of the 5 beaches, weapons and ammunitions were provided by this bridge. Built on the ruins, the museum will describe how the harbor was made.

Then, you can walk through the British cemetery. Actually, there are 27 cemeteries in Normandy. So there is no need to visit all of them. Near Omaha beach, you will find a memorial and the American cemetery , where almost 10 soldiers who fought for peace are buried. For a better understanding of the context, I recommend you visit the visitor center.

Some special pieces are displayed as a rebuilding of Port Arromanches A. After Omaha beach, you should admire the Pointe du Hoc. American rangers climbed steep cliffs to take this important observation base of German fortifications.

They discovered then that the Germans had moved their cannons a few days before. The mission was so risky that from the rangers, only 90 were in shape to fight.

It still bears the marks of the intense bombing from the Allies. You will be able to visit the remaining bunkers. Paratroopers took a lead role in this mission. One story in particular, made this village famous.

Wounded in the legs, one paratrooper landed on the Church tower and remained hanging here for 3 hours. He pretended to be dead, then was captured by the Germans and fortunately he managed to escape. A manikin was put on the Church as a souvenir.

The Airborne museum covers especially the role of paratroopers and the material and techniques of the time. After visiting the museum, you can either explore the labyrinth of the batterie of Crisberg or the battery of Azeville. The first one, the battery of Crisberg, has shown the most opposition. Its 30km-ranged guns made it the most impressive battery of the Normandy Coast. Now, you have all the tools to prepare ideal Normandy battle tours.

So, what are you waiting for? Paris is renowned for its cultural places and beautiful landmarks full of history just like the Eiffel Tower which was originally created for the universal exhibition. Here is a selection of the top 6 Paris Landmarks that you should not miss when visiting Paris for the first time.

Now, it shelters the tombs of the unknown soldiers, where every day an eternal flame commemorates all the fallen soldiers, with a ceremony between 6 and 6: Its construction started in but lasted over 2 centuries. If you want to discover France former Kings and Queens , we definitely recommend visiting this beautiful monument. Art Galleries in Paris: Settled in the middle of Paris meters away from the south-west to the Opéra Garnier you will find the Fragonard Perfume Museum.

Unique in its kind, the Fragonard museum of perfume is absolutely worth a visit during your stay in Paris, ParisByM will explain to you why. In fact, the original form of the museum was a theater built at the beginning of the s. Eventually, the Eden Theater was forced to close because of a haphazard management which converted the theater into a bicycle merry-go-round. As the bicycle was a modern way to move at the time since a lot of Parisians came to learn how to ride a bike.

Going to the Fragonard museum of perfume in Paris is, first of all, a good way to get to know a great brand of perfumery. This small town in the south of France is considered to be the cradle of French perfumery.

Similarly, it expresses its desire to run the business in accordance with its tradition. The exhibits of the museum might be the most telling argument. The museum truly possesses various and precious perfumery-related objects and raw materials , which dates from Antiquity to the 20 th century. Passing through the chronological order, the large collection provides us with a clear vision of its different uses and other various aspects of perfume.

There are, for example, scent boxes, bottles in blown glass, potpourri used at the court of the king Louis XIV , composing the dazzling collection. Despite the delicacy of the museum, it is not complicated at all to visit it! If you want to visit the museum, there is no need to book , additionally, the admission is free for everyone. They are professional as well as friendly. Different from a tourist trap, where the price is generally very high due to the large volume of tourists.

In case you want to buy a gift for someone you can surely find an item or a trinket for a good price. As ParisbyM has familiarized you with some useful information about the Fragonard museum of perfume in Paris, we hope you have a nice trip!

The Musée du parfume is opened from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a. Paris as we call, the city of love, has an abundant amount of romantic locations. ParisByM has created a list of five great places in Paris to celebrate with your significant other. The Wall of Love is located in the 18th arrondissement in the historically artistic hill of Montmartre. This is the perfect place to take your loved one and express your love in languages. After, take a nice stroll through the neighborhood to discover the romantic scenery and the artistic influences where Van Gogh created his Montmartre collection while he lived there with his brother in the mids.

With the wind blowing in your hair, the bright lights, and the height to set the perfect mood to kindle some emotional feelings. The Seine dinner cruise is a relaxing moment with the combination of a glamorous dinner and an attraction tour. The bright lights and sound of the river create the perfect ambiance for your ideal night. They carve their initials in the locks and secure it to the bridge to assure a long-lasting love and a memory to reflect on.

Spend loving time by the waterfall and have some deep conversations or have a make-out session at the Temple de la Sibylle , on top of the hill. This temple is the miniature version of the famous ancient Roman Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, Italy and has been an inspiration for plenty of romantic paintings in the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. The view of the city from up there is just magnificent and is definitely a must for all couples. Dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower is extremely popular and it gets booked quickly , therefore, we suggest booking early even before arriving in Paris.

Speaking of Korean food, there must be bibimbap, kimchi, budae jjigae, Korean barbecue, spicy fried rice cake… No matter whether you have the nostalgia for Korean cuisine, or if you want to offer an exotic flavor to your taste buds, you can definitely find some fantastic Korean restaurants in Paris.

This light-filled restaurant is situated nearby the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The interior decoration is simple and elegant with pretty color combination. Although it is a little bit small, this can be a sweet place to have a meal with friends and family. They provide various dishes, such as japchae, bibimbap, barbecue etc. Recently opened, this new Korean restaurant has already won a soaring popularity. Hwarang is located at the junction of the 5 th and 13 th district.

As the owners, a Korean couple, promised, they use only fresh ingredients. The environment is very sweet, just like at home. In this restaurant, you can take main Korean cuisine and barbecue, of course, the taste is authentic. Moreover, the price is also very reasonable. Metro Les Goblins M7 Phone number: The first time I heard about Dokkebi, it was from a Korean friend who came to Paris for her study.

Indeed, the place is small, there are just a couple of times downstairs and upstairs.

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Video gay français escort girl aube Paris is renowned for its cultural places and beautiful landmarks full of history just like the Eiffel Tower which was originally created for the universal exhibition. For a romantic trip between lovers, Cabourg is the perfect place! Take it back in time when horses and horse carriages were the means of transportation. The brand is sold in the best department stores, perfumeries and salons all over the world. They explain well, whether it is in English or German. Gliding, kite, surfing, paddle, hiking. The Luxembourg garden is a park of about 25 porno sodomie escort girl beurette.
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